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Decreasing EMI Interference Produced by TIG Welders

Released 2/1/2018

Proper grounding and shielding are important features of your TIG welder setup. Here are 2 drawings showing correct and incorrect layouts. 

The incorrect electrical layout shows a welder producing radio-frequency-interference (RFI) that affects nearby electrical equipment and is also "transmitted" via telephone-pole power lines to remote electrical equipment.

The correct electrical layout shows a welder grounded to earth via a grounding rod. Nearby electrical equipment is grounded. And power lines are located at least 50 feet (15m) from the welder.

It may also help decrease EMI to run a separate power cable (for AC mains) from your power distribution box (fuse box) to your welder.

Rotating Ball Cage from Danly

Released 2/1/2018

Danly "CAGE STOPPER" End-Cap Catalog

Dayton / Lamina introduces new rotarty bender

Released 2/1/2018

Dayton Lamina Posi-Bend rotary bender catalog

Dayton Adds New Surface treatments to its product line

Released 9/15/2016

Dayton progress has more solutions to increasing tool life than any other manufacture.

We Now offer a full line of Linear Components and Automation Components through a New Partnership with Diamond Case

Released 7/11/2014

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Misumi partners with Clark And Osborne

Released 4/9/2014

Clark And Osborne is now a distributer for Misumi Components

Order your JIS and Metric Press room and tool room components from Clark and Osborne for hassel free ordering. Call our customer service department at 1-800-752-5817.

Your source for Press Die Components.

Dayton Progress Problem Solving Tips. A must read for any stamper

Released 12/10/2013


New and Updated Surface Treatments For Tooling

Released 11/21/2012

New From Dayton Progress Click Here


2012 Dayton Problem Solver

Released 11/21/2012

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Stamping Basics

Released 10/25/2012

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Tips for choosing tool steels

Released 10/23/2012

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New Tool Steel for Molds and Dies

Released 10/23/2012

Learn more about th new tool steel with many applications.

STAMPING JOURNAL - Die Set Components Article

Released 9/15/2012

How to select, troubleshoot and optimize die-set guide components...